Our organ, The Kenneth Tickell “Opus 38”

Our organ was built in 1997-8 by the Northampton firm of Kenneth Tickell.  It occupies a perfect position on a purpose-built organ and choir gallery at the west end of the church which was constructed as part of the building’s re-ordering in the late 1990s.  At a cost of £110,000, the provision of a brand-new organ (as opposed to patching up the inadequate existing instrument) was a brave decision and a controversial one at the time.  However, the organ is a lasting testament to the vision of those who fought for it and, with planned and sensible maintenance, it will continue to do its job as a liturgical and recital instrument for very many decades to come.

The layout of the organ was conceived in 1994/5 (revised 1997) and Kenneth Tickell’s design incorporates a front case housing the console and Great/Pedal divisions with a separate case behind containing the enclosed Swell division, this being the best way of achieving clarity of sound in an instrument with limited height.  The installation was approved by the diocese in summer 1995 and building began in 1997. The organ has 2 manuals and the key actions are mechanical, with electric stop and combination actions.  The beautiful case is in American oak.  The instrument is very flexible and is at home in music from Bach to Messiaen and, crucially, in leading hymns and the accompaniment of choral repertoire.  Sound transmission is extremely good, and the organ fills the building magnificently.  The action is light and positive, and the organ is universally admired by organists for its ease of use and its tonal variety.

The inaugural recital was given in 1998 by the world-renowned soloist Wayne Marshall.  Wayne has since returned for both the organ’s 10th and 20th anniversaries.

In 2020/1 the organ will be dismantled for thorough cleaning, plus overhaul of worn action and winding parts, the first such work in 22 years.



1 Open Diapason 8 Front pipes of 70% tin, polished, internal pipes of 50% tin
2 Stopped Diapason 8 Cedar
3 Principal 4 50% tin
4 Fifteenth 2 50% tin
5 Sesquialtera II from C13, 50% tin
6 Mixture IV 19, 22, 26, 29, 50% tin
7 Trumpet 8 50% tin
i Tremulant


8 Chimney Flute 8 1-6 of poplar. 7-56 of 20% tin
9 Salicional 8 From C13, 50% tin, 1-12 from Chimney Flute 8
10 Voix Celeste 8 From C13, 50% tin
11 Principal 4 50% tin
12 Flute 4 20% tin
13 Gemshorn 2 50% tin
14 Mixture III 26, 29, 33, 50% tin
15 Hautboy 8 50% tin
ii Tremulant


16 Sub Bass 16 Poplar
17 Octave 8 1-12 zinc, 13-42 50% tin
18 Flute 8 Poplar, extension of Sub Bass
19 Principal 4 50% tin, extension of Octave
20 Fagot 16 Zinc and 50% tin, wood boots


iii Swell to Great
iv Swell to Pedal
vii Great to Pedal


6 pistons to each manual, Great and Swell

4 toe pistons to Pedal

6 general thumb pistons, duplicated by toe pistons

Reversible thumb pistons to Sw/Gt, Sw/Pedal and Gt/Pedal

Reversible toe pistons to Sw/Gt and Gt/Pedal

Set and General Cancel pistons

Memory selector and Piston Programmer control (2 levels)

The Tickell organ in the west end gallery
Choirmaster and organist Nic Robinson with Wayne Marshall

Full organ specifications are available to view on this page using a device with larger screen.