Rector’s Letter for Sunday 26th June 2022

Dear sisters and brothers

This Sunday at St Wilfrid’s we will be keeping the Feast of the Divine Compassion of Christ, borrowed from the Anglican Society of St Francis, which celebrates the love of God which we see in Jesus. (The Presentation will be celebrating Corpus Christi to mark the reintroduction of the Common Cup.)

The Franciscans, both Anglicans and Roman Catholic, are committed to love of the poor and obtaining social justice for them, perceiving them as made in the Image of Christ. By serving the poor of the world they are serving Christ. In this they are demonstrating God’s love for us all, and the love we are called to have for one another.

It is at the centre of our calling as Christians to love one another as Jesus has loved us. But we are not always able to open our hearts to others. Sometimes we struggle to see Christ in one another. Sometimes we are unable to love ourselves, let alone love another.

Yet in the heart of Jesus, from where God’s love flows into the world, we can find healing for ourselves and for one another. In God’s grace we are remade and renewed, and are challenged to share that love with others.

Seek to dwell in the love of God, seek the healing which comes from God alone, and allow God’s grace to flow through you into the world.

With all blessings,

Fr Edward

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