Rector’s Weekly Letter for 22nd May 2022, the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Dear sisters and brothers

In our reading from the Book of Acts this Sunday St Paul has a vision of a man of Macedonia pleading with him, saying ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us’. St Paul responded to this vision, and set off for Philippi, and so brought the Good News of Jesus Christ to Europe.

God can speak to us in a number of ways, such as in prayer, through Scripture, in worship, through encounters with others, and for a few in visions. We are called to listen out for the voice which whispers to us, which calls us to look again in a different way, which calls us to follow.

As we seek to discern the future vision for our Parish in our corner of Europe, discern what God might be laying upon your heart at this time. Is God giving you an insight for our future?

None of us has a monopoly on knowing what the future will hold. But if we each share our own glimpse of what that future might look like, we will be able to build a vision for a future together.

How will you help to shape our vision?

With all blessings,


Fr Edward

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