Rector’s Letter for 8th May 2022, the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Dear sisters and brothers

This Sunday can also be known as Good Shepherd Sunday, a day when we focus on Jesus as the shepherd of our soul, and our role in following his voice within our lives. We will also hear in our reading from Revelation of the Lamb who has become the shepherd, who will guide us to springs of living water, and will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

The image of the Good Shepherd is familiar to many of us, as the one who cares for the flock, who guides and leads them into safe pasture, who will look for the lost sheep, and who desires to gather all into his fold. We too are called to live out this mission in the world, to gather all people into the love of God, through our worship and our mission as a parish.

How can we live out this calling better in our life together? How can we reflect the Good Shepherd in the life of this Parish?

The role of the Good Shepherd as the one who cares and tends the flock of the Church is also why this Sunday is observed as Vocation Sunday, a day when we reflect upon our individual callings within the Church. I urge you to take time to reflect and pray, to consider what vocation or calling God might be placing upon your heart.

How are you being called to be part of the mission of the Church?

If you feel the stirrings of the Holy Spirit within you, if you feel God might be calling you to serve within the Church in a new way, take time to explore what it might mean for you. If you wish to have guidance in such matters, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we seek to hear the voice of God within our lives.

With all blessings,

Fr Edward

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