Church Wardens’ Message No. 50 for HARVEST – Sunday 3 October (18th after Trinity)

Our Last Message before Father Edward is Installed as Parish Priest

It has been almost a year since we have been sending out these weekly messages via Melvyn’s weekly posts to people on our contact list. We hope that you have found them useful but, from this week, we shall now be passing the weekly communication over to Father Edward. However, I do not doubt that you will still hear from us from time to time.

I think we can look back with pride as we hand over many of the parochial responsibilities to our new incumbent. As Wardens, we have been overwhelmed with the support that we have received from so many members of our lay Church Family. Similarly, our Clergy Team and visiting priests have been wonderful, as have all those who have been looking after the church properties, helping out with ensuring services run smoothly, keeping communications going and checking that we have not squandered the church finances (always a temptation). This has meant that, in spite of the dreaded Covid, we have been able to maintain services (live and/or streamed) in both our churches during the Vacancy.

So, another era is over. We are not only hopeful but feel assured that as Father Edward gets to know us and takes over the leadership of the churches, we are in a good position to move on and build upon all the foundations that his predecessors built during their time here as Rector – not least Father Ray enjoying a well-earned retirement in Reading.

Therefore, we know that you will all support Father Edward as he formally becomes our Rector on Friday. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped in so many ways to ensure that this historic occasion will be memorable and to make our church look so wonderful. Together we have many challenges ahead – financial, spiritual, social and furthering our Christian mission but, together as members of the body of Christ in Haywards Heath, we can surely contemplate success!


As we have been signalling in church and in our messages, there will not be a formal reception for parishioners after Father Edward’s Institution. We shall, of course, be entertaining honoured guests and visiting clergy with light refreshments. Instead, on Sunday 10 October at 10.00am (repeat 10.00am), there will be a joint Eucharist service for all the parish in St Wilfrid’s Church to celebrate our Patron Saint, followed by a reception for us all to welcome Father Edward. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us.

This coming Sunday (3 October) – as Father Edward’s first services in both churches – the Eucharists will have a harvest theme. The churches will reflect this in their decoration, and dried goods will be collected and presented for distribution to those in need – St Wilfrid’s goods will go to FSW and the collection from the Presentation will be sent to the local Food Bank. May we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Finally, in connection with services, from next Wednesday (6th October), Father Edward will be re-starting the mid-week Eucharist in St Wilfrid’s Church at 12.00 noon. We know that this has been missed by some church members.


St Wilfrid’s Clock

Our church tower clock is still sick, in spite of treatment, and we offer apologies for the chimes having been out of synch. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


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Signing off and God Bless

Arthur and Derek

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