Church Wardens’ Message No. 26 for Sunday 18 April 2021

Here is the twenty-sixth of the Church Wardens’ messages to the Parish:

As we hear of more and more of you who have received or are planning to receive your first or second Covid “jab”, one can only marvel at the organisation that has been put into the whole vaccination programme. Whilst we do hear of various gripes about the NHS, we must thank God that we in the UK have such a wonderful service that everyone can fall back on. Most people take the NHS for granted but there are still some who will remember a time before 1948 when accessing medical treatment was not as simple as it is today. Of course, Covid has put a terrible strain upon what the NHS can offer but let us pray that, as the pandemic begins to be better controlled the doctors, nurses and various health employees will begin to catch up with lost time.

In spite of the present success in starting to tame Covid, we must still insist on continuing to implement our restrictions during services such as distancing, mask-wearing and registration. Thank you for helping us here. We will try to avoid long queues like the ones seen outside Primark earlier this week.

So we hope to see more of you again this Sunday at 9.00am Eucharist in St Wilfrid’s, which is also streamed on our parish Facebook videos page

St Wilfrid’s Parish videos page

or at 10.30am Eucharist in the Presentation Church.

Father David will be presiding at both Eucharists.

Additionally, the mid-week Wednesday Eucharist will continue, as at present, to be ZOOMed using our normal link (see below) at 9.30am, followed by our on-line coffee get-togethers at 10.15am.  Most services are also available recorded online on our Facebook videos page (link as above).

Zoom link for Wednesday morning Parish Eucharist and get-together

Meeting ID: 308 355 9074 Passcode: Keepsafe

In addition to praying for the repose of Prince Philip, can you remember Joan Adams,  John Maskell and Catherine Dunnage in your prayers. May they rest in peace and rise in glory+

Finally, there is a little snippet, from John Inge, Bishop of Worcester, that was included in the Church Times last week that you might like to ponder:

Adult to group of children: “What do you think Jesus was doing while He was in Hell for three days?” Child, after a long pause, “I think He was looking everywhere for His friend Judas”.

One there for the theologians amongst you!

God bless you: we hope to see you all again soon

Arthur and Derek

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