Church Wardens’ Message No. 21 for Sunday 14 March 2021

Here is the twenty-first of the Church Wardens’ messages to the Parish:

This coming Sunday is Mothering Sunday and Father Mike will be presiding at the Eucharist. As it is a special day in the Church’s year, he is asking for us to make a very special effort so….. can:

  1. Everyone have a photo of their mother so that they can see it during the service
  2. Everyone have a candle ready to light during the service
  3. Everyone have a flower, a sprig or something available and nearby
  4. Everyone spend a little more time on their normal apparel for our Zoom service.

 Why all of this? Well, Mothering Sunday is also called Laetare Sunday and Refreshment Sunday at the mid-point of Lent. Historically, people would celebrate this day of refreshment in the Lent Season by doing something special. They would return to their home to be with their Mum, and perhaps they would go to the Mother Church (Cathedral) as a family. So, as we can’t be with our Mums, whether because of lockdown or through their passing, we can celebrate themso we will!

We can’t give out posies as a sign of love and thanksgiving, but we can hold up our flowers or twigs for it to be blessed and place it before the photo of our mothers. And, if Mothering Sunday is a special celebration, let’s dress up a bit, have a shave or whatever. In the midst of lockdown, we need events and fellowship to raise our spirits and give us a shot of optimism in these times.

We hope that you can all respond to Mike’s suggestions above. It will be great to see everyone dressed up for the day.

A reminder that you are welcome to join St Richard’s ZOOM Lenten Stations of the Cross (Fridays at 6.00pm):  

St Richard’s Church Zoom link

Meeting ID: 822 5631 1387 Passcode: 480256

And, of course, we are still using social media ourselves and here is the usual ZOOM link that you can click on when we hope you can join us – we are almost getting the program right now!

Church ZOOM Links – Sunday 10.00am Eucharist (Mothering Sunday), Wednesday 9.30am Eucharist and weekly Wednesday 10.15am online “get together”. We also mirror (live) the Sunday Eucharist on our Facebook pages where previous services are available and other events like our recent videoed school assembly are stored.

St Wilfrid’s Parish Zoom link

Meeting ID: 308 355 9074 Passcode: Keepsafe

The Wardens can always be contacted via email for matters such as wedding and baptism enquiry dates etc. Although the church is not open for these activities, at present, they are recorded in the Church Diary so we do not forget them.

We now intend to open our churches again for (safe) services on Easter Sunday 4 April (subject to Government and Diocesan regulations) with a 9am Eucharist at St Wilfrid’s Church (streamed live on Facebook) and a 10.30am Eucharist at the Church of the Presentation. In the meantime, do try and ZOOM into our Lenten services if you can, and may we thank Melvyn for ensuring that others are kept up to date with all our news.

God Bless and Keep Safe – Arthur and Derek

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