Church Wardens’ Weekly Message No. 17, for Sunday 14 February 2021

Here is the seventeenth of our Church Wardens’ messages to the Parish:

More and more o

f us are reporting that we have been called for our COVID “jab”. Certainly, the increasing numbers of people being vaccinated seems to be a small light at the end of the tunnel or, at least, the tiny spark of light emanated by a digital watch as shared in Father David’s Sermon last Sunday. As we continue to be challenged by the pandemic, please remember, in your prayers, all those professionals and volunteers working so hard to help keep us safe.

As reported last week, we are still sad for the loss of Michael Chester and John Crane. The news of funerals will be circulated but unfortunately numbers are limited, by law, to only thirty people in the church. We are presently looking into streaming the services on our Facebook pages for those who may not be able to attend.

Again, it was great to see a number of you on this week’s Wednesday Wardens’ ZOOM meeting and at our Wednesday Eucharist also streamed on ZOOM. This Sunday (14 February) we will be streaming our 10.00am Eucharist, presided over by Father Mike, on ZOOM. We are also exploring how to include it on our Facebook pages albeit as a recording. Hopefully, we can find a way soon to stream on both our church platforms.

Here is next week’s ZOOM link (also please use it for our streamed service on Sunday) when we hope you can join us:

Church ZOOM Link – Sunday 10.00 Eucharist, Wednesday Ash Wednesday Eucharist 9.30,  and weekly Wednesday 10.15 online “get together ”.

Clickable Link:

Meeting ID: 308 355 9074 Passcode: Keepsafe

By the way, if you are joining us on ZOOM you may be “muted”. Look for the icon

that may have a red line through it. If you are asked to unmute (we can now hear you and your dogs barking etc.), click on the muted icon and it will now look the same but no red line across it:

                                   Muted icon.jpg                 Unmuted icon.jpg

The host may mute everyone and will for the service proper. Words of the service will be displayed on screen at various times so you can say them along with us at home.

Next Wednesday, at 09.30, Father John will preside over our Ash Wednesday Eucharist. Father John asked us to share this message with you about the online Ash Wednesday ZOOM service:

We start Lent with the Ash Wednesday service 9.30am on Zoom. After the sermon the priest will bless ashes and sign with them towards the screen. You are invited to sign your forehead with a cross saying ‘Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ’. [You might like to make and use your own ashes for this by burning last year’s palm cross.]

The Wardens can always be contacted via email for matters such as wedding enquiry dates etc.

Again, a quick reminder that you can also keep up with church news and other information on our website:

God BlessArthur and Derek

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