Wardens’ Newsletter 13-19 December 2020

Here is the 9th of the Church Wardens’ messages to the Parish:


Next Sunday (13th December), we shall be again welcoming Father John to preside at our two Sunday Eucharists (9.00am in St

Wilfrid’s and 10.30am in The Presentation). I hope that some of you have managed to see Father John’s House Eucharist broadcasts and his Advent messages on our Facebook pages. There, you can also catch up with our televised Eucharists and other posts that are being communicated to the Parish. May we again thank Fathers Mike, David and John for service leadership during the Vacancy.


In regard to Christmas, may we again remind everyone that there will be no Midnight Eucharist. However,  there will be a Eucharist in both churches at 10.00am on Christmas Day. 


On Tuesday 22nd December at 7.30 there will be a “Celebration of Christmas” in music and words in St Wilfrid’s Church. This replaces the traditional Nine Lessons and Carols. If you would like to come, can you let us know by emailing Derek  (derek.gooch@btinternet.com)  or by telling us on Sunday if you will be attending services. Hopefully, we can accommodate everyone but be aware that seating MAY be limited due to Covid19 restrictions. It is our hope that we can stream the event on Facebook.


As there will be no Nativity service this year, on Christmas Eve at 4.00pm, we are going to provide something experimental for children (and everyone else for that matter) on Zoom. There will be a short story telling session using Power Point and then we will all join in singing “Away in a Manger” in our separate homes. Here is the Zoom link:


308 355 9074           Password Wilfrid


Our Church Secretary Karen has advised us that, at this time of year, we have to heat our churches and that is expensive. At the same time, we need to open doors to ensure there is a healthy movement of air. So if attending services etc. do please wrap up warm. Karen has also asked that if you have any giving envelopes, that can be dropped into the Parish Office (by the Centenary Hall). Contributions can also be made online by visiting our website https://www.stwilfridshaywardsheath.org.uk – Link top right on Home Page.


How the church and the Halls are used, both for services and by outside groups, is the responsibility of we Churchwardens and the PCC (Parochial Church Council). Each year, at the Annual Church Meeting, the Wardens are elected as is the membership of the PCC. The Council meets regularly and receives various reports such as on the condition of properties, our financial state ( We always need more!) and other matters relating to the usage of the church. Where action or expenditure is required, votes are taken and matters are progressed. Discussion is usually business-like, rigorous but friendly and rarely do we not agree how to move matters on. The membership of the PCC is open for any members of the church to stand for election provided that they have  been on the Electoral Roll for more than six months and who are over the age of eighteen. If you would like to know more about the PCC and might be thinking that the Council “is for me”, do have a word with us or Karen Michael our Church Secretary.


Last week, we mentioned the Cuckfield and Lindfield Rotary Club Christmas Collection. If you would still like to contribute, please visit the Club website – www.rotarycl.org and scroll down to the giving pages. To update you on how the Club is distributing money to various local and international charities, a poster is attached. Bernadette, our FSW Representative, tells me that hampers are being packed this week for families which are being supported locally. Thanks to her for organizing our collections and to those who have contributed Christmas goodies.


Finally, some really good news, the organ is nearly back together. The jigsaw has been completed and very soon (Sunday we hope) Nic, our Director of Music, can again delight us by sharing a Bach fugue or something equally challenging. We are so lucky to have Nic and also Andrew playing for us in such a professional manner. Similarly, we must not forget ”choir member” Felicity’s contributions, as organist, who also played regularly for us. The musical traditions in our church are certainly something that we should all celebrate and enjoy and not just during services when we are led in singing by our wonderful choir. With our new lighting system and our links to local music groups, we are looking forward to the re-instatement of concerts etc. once  Covid19 is defeated.  


Keep safe


Derek and Arthur


A larger version of this image is in the separate post on this page (also posted on 11 December: “Rotary Club Christmas 2020 Appeal”

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