How our St Wilfrid's tubular bells inspired a stunning feature of a Sydney suburb

Our internet friend Laurie Alexander from St John’s Anglican Church, Sydney, NSW writes:

“Haywards Heath is very well known in Hornsby, (a suburb in the North of Sydney). A few years ago, a builder/sculptor of a well-known water clock and tubular bell system, studied and measured the tubular bells at Haywards Heath, and then built the water feature with 17 tubular bells and chime rack in Hornsby [pictured right]. 

The carillon has 17 tubes of cast bell-bronze that chime automatically on the hour, or they can be played manually. The mechanism is of a design invented by Harringtons of Coventry” and seen by the sculptor at a church in Haywards Heath in Sussex though the frame has been constructed of metal rather than wood and this set has 17 tubes instead of the 6 to 9 seen elsewhere. Together the tubes weigh approximately 1 tonne (1.1 short tons) and span from the octave  above Middle C plus 3 notes above and the G note below.”

Laurie has also sent us numerous weblinks and other photos about this. Let us know if you would like to see them by emailing us  at  admin@stwilfridshaywardsheath.org.uk 


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