The Rector’s Letter for Christ the King, 21st November 2021, the Sunday next before Advent

Dear sisters and brothers,

We are finally reaching the final Sunday of the Church year, when we mark the Festival of Christ the King, looking to the Kingship of Christ over all of Creation, both now and in the future.

It is a good time for us all to take stock of the past year, the dramatic changes which have continued in all our lives, the opening and closing of society, whether we can worship in our church buildings, and the constant worry of Covid in the back of all our minds.

But there have been highlights as well.

In my own life I am thankful for finding the people of this parish, and for God calling me here. The welcome I have received has been more than I could have hoped for, and has helped me to begin to settle in. The encouragement and hope you have given me in our conversations and discussions has inspired me as I reflect and pray upon our future together.

In all we do in our life together let us also remember the one who has called us all here, our risen and ascended high priest, who reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, who inspires and helps us in all we do, and gives to us all we need in this life to achieve his will.

Take time to reflect upon the past year, but also look to the future, look to the High King of Heaven, and then join us in our watching and waiting as we await his Incarnation at Christmas, and also his return in glory, into the world, and into our lives.

With all blessings,


Fr Edward