Rector’s Letter for Bible Sunday (Last after Trinity), 24.10.2021

The Rector writes . . . 

My sisters and brothers,

This Sunday can be known as Bible Sunday, which poses the question, when did you last read the Bible?

Today? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Longer?

As Christians we believe the Bible is inspired by God, ‘breathed out’ by the Holy Spirit, and is alive and active. Through it we can encounter God, and hear what God might be saying to us today.

If your relationship with scripture is limited to what you hear on Sundays, or if you desire to grow beyond your current practice I would encourage you to look to the many resources that are available. 

One option is the ‘Daily Prayer’ or the ‘Time to Pray’ apps provided by the Church of England, which allow you to join in with the prayer life of the Church during the week, and to engage with scripture.

Another option is ‘Pray as you’, a Jesuit resource which is a daily audio meditation in the Ignatian spiritual tradition, for about 15 minutes, based on a reading from the Daily Eucharist lectionary, as an app or from their website

Whatever you do, I urge to pick up your Bibles, to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the Word of God. For by it you will encounter God.

With all blessings,

Fr. Edward

Advent Reading Group

Starting at the Rectory on Tuesday 9th November at 7.30pm and running for six weeks we will be reading together ‘Walking Backwards to Christmas: An Advent journey from light to darkness’, a short book by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell (available from most bookshops).

It is a collection of imagined personal accounts from characters in the Christmas story, starting with Anna, and going backwards to Moses. By reflecting upon each account we can gain a new and personal perspective upon the Incarnation, and is well worth reading.

Please contact Fr. Edward if you wish to join: