The Rector’s Letter for Sunday 17th October 2021 – 20th after Trinity

The Rector writes . . . 

My sisters and brothers,

I write as the BT person is busy working away in my study on the phoneline, in a Rectory still smelling of paint from work finishing yesterday. My life is starting to settle into the new routines of Haywards Heath, meeting and greeting, exploring and learning.

Our gospel for Sunday (Mark 10.35-45) tells us of James and John asking to sit at the right and left hands of Jesus, with Jesus reminding them the Kingdom of God is not about positions of power, but of service to others. As I begin to learn the lives and people of the Parish, I am beginning to learn a part of my role as a servant of you all, your expectations, hopes and fears.

But it is not just me, we all have a part to play in the future of the Parish as we seek the Holy Spirit moving here among us. For the life of the Parish to reach its fullest potential, for us to be the active presence of the Body of Christ in this place, we all have a part to play, big or small, in making it happen.

What service have you been called to within the life of the Parish?

Looking to the next couple of weeks there are a few items to draw to your attention.

All Souls Day Eucharist

On Tuesday 2nd November, 8pm, St Wilfrid’s Church

At this simple Eucharistic service the names of the Faithful Departed will be remembered who are on our Year’s Mind list. If there are any extra names you would like to add please write them down on the list at the back of the Church.

Daily Office

Part of my duty as the Parish Priest is to pray daily, in the form of Morning and Evening Prayer. To this end I will endeavour to pray (subject to diary commitments) Morning Prayer at St Wilfrid’s at 8am (Mon-Thurs), and Evening Prayer at the Church of the Presentation at 5.30pm (Mon-Thurs). All are most welcome to join me in this act of prayer.

St Wilfrid’s Church Opening

With the revival of the Daily Office also comes the daily opening of St Wilfrid’s to the public. The church building will be open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Thursday, for quiet prayer and reflection.

Refreshments at St Wilfrid’s

With the success of refreshments after the Patronal Festival at St Wilfrid’s last week it has been decided to continue offering refreshments after the service for those who wish to partake. I also hope in the future there will be more cake…


Fr. Edward